Virus Prevention Tips from Healthy IT

How can you keep your computer safe?

Check out our virus prevention tips to protect your business:


  • Use caution when opening attachments in emails.

Don’t open attachments in emails that end in .exe, .vbs or .lnk.  Do not open any files attached to an email unless you know what it is, even if it comes from someone you know. Sometimes viruses can spread through email without showing any signs it’s done so.  You should confirm that your contact really meant to send an attachment.

  • Keep your computer up to date with the latest security patches.

It’s important to run Windows Update periodically, or allow your computer to automatically download and install the updates for you.  And updating Java is probably the easiest thing to do to keep yourself secure.  Check out this post to see how.

  • Don’t click on advertisements and don’t open (or reply to) spam messages.

Delete junk email or mark it as spam.  In some cases , opening the email may allow an infection to start doing it’s dirty work right away.  Replying to spam just confirms to the spammer that they have a legitimate email address and the spam will likely increase, not decrease.

Clicking on advertisements can possibly re-direct your browser to unwanted or malicious websites.  Your search page could get hijacked, or worse, you get infected by a “drive by download”.  Trust us, you did not win a free iPhone, but you may end up the recipient of a malware attack instead.  That’s not a nice gift to get at all!  :(

  • Use caution when installing programs downloaded off the internet. “Free” software often comes with a catch!

“Free” is found to be the one of the most dangerous search terms on the internet.  Sometimes software comes bundled with browser add-ons, toolbars or secondary (potentially unwanted) software.  This can slow down your computer, your browser and display annoying pop ups.  Worse, it could be a malicious program and you get infected.

  • Give some attention to your anti virus software!

It’s lonely and needs your companionship.  Well, not really, but do take its status alerts seriously!  If you get an alert that it’s found a potential issue, it’s best to address it right away.  Not all infections can be stopped by the software, it’s a combination best effort between your safe habits and the software.

Run periodic scans as well.  Most anti virus software will scan on an automatic schedule.  If it’s not already setup, scanning overnight on a daily basis is a good idea.  However, some systems and portable systems (like laptops)  wont always be left on overnight.  In that case, you should run a manual scan at least once a week.

Healthy IT is here to help, as always!

You can us a call if you need us.  Maybe you just want a security scan, or have concerns that you are getting the most out of your protection.  We’ve got you covered.

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