The High Cost of a Security Breach

Reacting to (and recovery from) a security breach always costs more after it has happened than what it would have cost to prevent it.

HIPAA breach fines can start at $50,000 and reach upwards of 1.5 million for different provisions of the rule.  From 2009 to 2012, theft accounted for 83 percent of all large HIPAA privacy and security breaches.  22 percent were due to unauthorized access.  Theft/loss of devices or computers accounted for 35 percent of all breaches and hacking accounted for 6 percent. Smaller practices actually more likely to be at risk of a breach.  In most cases, larger practices or corporations have the resources to maintain higher levels of security, while maller businesses are dealing with restricted or frozen IT budgets.

The benefits of hiring a Managed IT Services Provider in preventing security breaches:

With a HIPAA breach a real concern, many are making the move to Managed Services to address their IT needs.  A Healthy IT Managed Service Plan offers an affordable solution for those struggling to manage IT costs.  It can be expensive for the practice to bring in technicians on an as-needed (or “break/fix”) basis. Considering the money and time spend recovering from a security attack or breech, more practices are realizing the cost of not having this level of protection is too high to pay. Here we look at how managed services can help lower the risk and keep your systems secure:

  • Increased knowledge- Healthy IT is in the business of dental and medical technology. With over 15 years of experience, we’re  able to spot activities that could be perceived as a threat to ePHI.
  • Less expensive – Paying a flat monthly fee for security and other services  is actually much more cost effective than paying per incident.
  • Proactive is better than reactive- You are acting in a proactive manner to ensure all of your systems are managed properly. This is less expensive and less time consuming than waiting for something bad to happen and then reacting.

Any practice can benefit from the security provided by a Managed Service Plan from Healthy IT. You can do so at a fraction of the cost, therefore eliminating the fear and unnecessary cost of trying to recover from a breech in security.

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