Security features in Practice Management Software

Whats new with Practice Management software?

If you use Practice Management Software and your practice is in Long Island, NY and the tri-state area, you’ve likely updated to the latest versions of the software to support things like ePrescribe.  Or maybe you are going paperless, using things like scanners or iPads in your practice.  With each new version the system requirements are increased to ensure you can process all the “e-things” you need to.

Security Features: what you need to know

The latest versions of Practice Management solutions have some requirements that will ensure that your software and hardware configurations meet the security features and, more importantly, stand up to your use.  With the transition to “e-everything” the software must do so much more than it ever did before.

A Dedicated Server?

Healthy IT has always recommended dedicated servers for those practices that have more than 5 workstations. A dedicated server is a powerful computer which has a server version of Microsoft Windows installed on it. It’s primary function is to serve as a database server for all of the workstations but is not used as a workstation itself.  In a configuration like this, it ensures that you have enough storage, power and can meet the new security features and system requirements for newer versions of software.

So…what about your workstations?

  • Windows XP – Microsoft ended support for Windows XP two years ago.  The latest versions of Practice Management systems do not support the use of Windows XP.
  • Windows 7: With the free update to Windows 10, we get a lot of questions about Windows 7.  The average lifespan of a PC is about 3-5 years and Windows 7 is scheduled to reach end of life in 6 years.  We can still obtain computers with Windows 7 installed, and find it’s the most compatible with dental software and hardware.
  • Windows 10: some software and hardware will support Windows 10.  It’s best to contact us for an evaluation to determine compatibility

Can’t I go to a retail store and pick up any computer?

Not any more…Practice Management Software has always required “professional” version of Windows.  Home editions are not supported.  Some software simply will refuse to install on a non Professional version of Windows.  Because retail stores carry consumer grade products, you’ll have to pay to upgrade to a pro version of Windows.   Business grade products come with a 3 year warranty and we quote you what we have tested and know works for clinical and clerical environments.

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