So you’re ready for a Managed Service Plan?

Our Managed Service Plan options support the goals of both parties:

When you select a Managed Service Plan,  you want to find one that will work with you to help your practice achieve its goals. Our Managed Service Plans are customized to match the needs of your company.   You are entrusting us to maintain vital company systems, therefore we will be on your side, creating a package and price that reflects your needs.

Will Managed IT Services be cost effective?

When you enter an agreement with a Managed IT Services Provider, you are agreeing to pay a predetermined amount of money for their support and services. This can be very cost effective versus paying an hourly rate for IT support. In most cases hiring a Managed IT Services Provider is the best way to go if you have sufficient need for the services provided. Traditionally companies who pay hourly rates tend to spend less money on IT support which may improve profit but decrease services or support that are needed. When you have a Managed IT Services Provider in your corner, you can feel confident all vital areas are being covered regardless of the number of hours needed to do so.

What are the benefits of a Managed Service Plan?

Focus on running the business- This is the most valuable use of time for all parties involved, instead of hours or even days lost when trying to deal with technological issues.  Expert advice may be able to help you improve the efficiency of your practice while positioning you better within the industry.  Support  be there in event of an emergency, but a Managed Service Plan provides monitoring which can be invaluable in preventing problems before they can impact the business.  Check out our infographic for more information on the benefits of a Managed Service Plan.

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