Maintaining HIPAA Compliance with Online Data Backup

Keeping patient records secure is the concern of every health care provider, but they are often overwhelmed preparing an adequate disaster recovery preparation. Major storms, hardware failure,  user error…they all have the potential to cause data loss.  Even an extended power outage can be considered a “disaster”!  With online data backup, your information stays safe and can be retrieved in case an incident occurs.

Storing data locally leaves it at risk to threats like fire, theft, and natural disaster. Keep a copy of your critical business data off-site in our secure cloud. We offer automated and encrypted online data backup in highly secure data centers, ensuring that if something happens to your office or place of business, your files are still safe.

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 was created in order to protect health information and give patients certain rights regarding their private health information. It also allows for disclosure of health information necessary for patient care. This act specifies safeguards necessary for administrative, and physical and technical handling of patient health information.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ( HIPAA has many requirements and restrictions. It requires safeguards for (but is not limited to):

  • Access Control: who can access patient information?
  • Emergency Access Procedures: what is the plan to gain access to patient information in the event of a major disruption?

Online Data Backup Security

Healthy IT Online Data Backup offers file encryption, authentication and password protection in order to secure your practice information. Although HIPAA does not require online data storage services to have encryption, it does require that patient information be protected and accessible only to authorized persons. Encryption is the best way to protect that information.  Removal of patient records from a secure environment to one where there is higher risk of theft or loss is like playing HIPAA roulette with your patient data! Keep everything safe in our secure cloud, where data is protected:

  • Two layers of Military-grade 256-bit data encryption with a Private Key.
  • Secure access controls at redundant data centers.
  • Automated backup with flexible scheduling.
  • Fully managed and monitored – at no extra cost!
  • Fast and flexible options to get you back on your feet:
    • File/Folder Backup
    • Exchange or SQL database backups
    • Physical Image Backups
    • Virtual Machine Backups
    • Bare Metal Restores

When storing patient information, it is important to stay HIPAA compliant, as the fines for not doing so are expensive.  Remaining HIPAA compliant is vital in order to continue a good business relationship with the health care industry and maintain patient privacy.

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