Java and malware – what you should know…

It’s estimated that 81% of Windows machines are running an outdated version of Java

This leaves your computer open to dangerous and destructive viruses and malware!

The good news is it’s easy to update Java armed with a few tips from Healthy IT.

Step 1:

Go to to download the software.  Careful using a search engine to look it up, you could be inadvertently sent to a non-official website.   The site should look like this:










Step 2:

Click through the steps to download the software and begin the installation process.

Step 3:

Avoid the bundled software!  We’d rather you not install the Ask Toolbar, as it changes your default search provider and slows down your browser.  Same goes for McAfee Virus scan.  Medical and Dental software have specific settings when it comes to anti virus software, and we’ve likely already set that up properly for you.  So uncheck those boxes!


Step 4:

Java’s installed!  A new browser window may open, asking you to “Verify Java Version”.  You can close this window, you do not have to verify it.  Unless it makes you feel better ;-)

Step 5:

Be on the lookout for new versions as they are released.  The easiest way to do that is to look in your “system tray”.  That’s in the right lower corner, near the time.  Look for the orange icon with a coffee cup.


We are always are available  to help, so give us a call if you need us!

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