What’s Going Around – Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities

What’s the deal with the recent news about Internet Explorer vulnerabilities?

Microsoft is warning users about hackers taking advantage of a security flaw in all versions of Internet Explorer. The vulnerability can  silently install malicious software onto your computer by simply browsing to a hacked or malicious website.

Microsoft has not released a fix as of yet.  They might wait till the next “Patch Tuesday”  or they may release a “fix-it” tool.  But what should you do in the meantime?

The easiest solution is to use an alternate browser.

Some people prefer Chrome, others like Firefox.  You can import your settings and bookmarks so you won’t lose anything.  If you must use Internet Explorer, there are some work-arounds, but they all require a little tinkering “under the hood.”  If unregistering DLL’s and blocking ActiveX Controls and Active Scripting doesn’t sound like fun to you, just use an alternate browser.

If you are still running Windows XP, *now* is the time to consider your upgrade options.

Microsoft will only release patches for fully supported products. A “patch” or “fix-it” solution will NOT be released for ANY version of Internet Explorer running on Windows XP.  If you continue to run XP systems in your office, be prepared to see more situations like this.  Contact us today and we’ll work with you to implement solutions that benefit your practice.

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