Disaster Recovery Plan

HIPAA and HITECH regulations require a Disaster Recovery Plan to address your response to an incident.

We will put together a comprehensive plan for your technology. We consider key components crucial to your recovery, and establish a process to be followed to restore your business, should a disaster occur. Our Disaster Recovery Plan will be a step-by-step process for your office to follow, covering such items as sourcing equipment, restoring data, and other essentials needed to restore your organization’s technical capability.

A good Disaster Recovery Plan will help you bounce back.

If your IT infrastructure gets damaged or destroyed, we can obtain replacement equipment quickly and easily. You can get back to doing business after an incident. Need to take inventory of your critical systems as part of your disaster recovery plan? We’ll help you prioritize your needs.

Natural disasters, fire, theft or system failure can put electronic healthcare records at risk!

From a power outage to a natural disaster, data loss is a legitimate concern. Each application has specific backup requirements, which can sometimes change with updates or across versions. Healthy IT has extensive experience with all the major software vendors. You can rest assured, knowing your data is secure.

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