Health Commerce System support – another reason to upgrade from XP

The Health Commerce System recently announced it is discontinuing support for Windows XP systems.

The Health Commerce System recently started communicating to practices that it will begin discontinuing support for outdated and unsecured browsers, and the Windows XP operating system.  Those practices still using this technology will not be able to securely access the Health Commerce System websites.

How the Microsoft “Product Life Cycle” impacts you:

Support for Windows XP ended April 8th, 2014.  It has not received any security updates or patches in over 19 months.  Most Anti Virus/Security software programs will not run or install on XP.  In addition, beginning January 12th of 2016, Microsoft announced it will no longer support anything but the latest version of Internet Explorer.  What does this mean?

  • If you are using Windows XP computers, your systems are *not* secure
  • If you run Internet Explorer version 6 through 10, your browser is or will soon be vulnerable to malicious attacks.
  • If you run Internet Explorer version 6 through 10, access to the Health Commerce System website is not supported.

What can you do?

Healthy IT is here to help!  If you received a notice from the Health Commerce System and are concerned about your security, contact us!  Schedule a periodic business review, or request a quote for new systems.  As the move towards paperless systems marches on, your systems should be safe, secure and reliable to keep you ahead of the curve!

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