It’s coming…end of life for Server 2003

end of life server 2003

Support for Server 2003 will end in July 2015. What does “end of life” mean for your practice?

“End of Life” means Microsoft will not release any new security updates or service packs for Server 2003 after the deadline.  In fact, it’s already started.  Microsoft announced that a recent patch will not be applied to Server 2003.  According to Microsoft: “The architecture to properly support the fix provided in the update does not exist on Windows Server 2003 systems, making it infeasible to build the fix for Windows Server 2003”

What makes this different than the end of support for Windows XP?

Your server is the brain of your entire digital operation.  All your ePHI: digital images, practice management data, financial data, reside on your server.  Therefore, the risk to ePHI is much higher compared to a workstation.  Running outdated and unprotected systems could be interpreted as failing to take reasonable precautions to protect the systems which store ePHI. An auditing body would likely find running outdated and unprotected systems a “control failure” on your organization.

Software and Vendor Support:

Software companies are dropping support for Server 2003 as they release new versions of software.   Do you still own hardware software that will not run on anything “newer” than Server 2003?  Maybe you still have XP systems in your practice? You’ll likely need to update your hardware/software in order to run them on a newer Operating Systems.

Can’t I just upgrade my Server Operating System?

The latest version of Windows Server is”Server 2012″.  It’s very unlikely that hardware that came shipped with Server 2003 will be able to handle the demands of the newer Operating System.  Migrating to new hardware gives you benefits like reliability, scalability, and security.

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