Crypto Virus – what you need to know!

Reacting to (and recovery from) a crypto virus always costs more after it has happened than what it would have cost to prevent it.

What is a “Crypto Virus”?  A new type of virus called ‘ransomware”.  It infects your computer and encrypts all your data:  documents, photos, database files and in some cases even critical operating system files.  These viruses can spread from infected computers to your server, and in some cases the target is the server itself, rendering all your information unreadable and unusable.  A message like this is usually displayed on the infected computer:


The creators of the crypto virus will say that the only way to decrypt your files is to pay a “ransom”.  They demand various amounts of bitcoin which is unregulated and untraceable.  It’s also very hard to obtain the requested amounts, if you don’t already trade in it and have accounts established.  Some of these crypto viruses request upwards of $9000 worth of bitcoin for you to get all your data back.

A Managed Backup can bring you back from the brink of full data loss due to a crypto virus:

A Healthy IT Managed Backup Plan offers an affordable solution for those struggling to manage IT costs.   Considering the money and time spend recovering from a security attack, more practices are realizing the cost of not having this level of protection is too high to pay. Here we look at how managed backup can help lower the risk and keep your systems secure:

  • Less expensive – You pay a flat monthly fee for your backup.
  • Fully Managed:  We monitor your backup so you can focus on your practice.
  • Versioning:  we can ensure we are restoring a clean, uninfected copy of your critical business data.

Any practice can benefit from the security provided by a Managed Backup Plan from Healthy IT. You can do so at a fraction of the cost, therefore eliminating the fear and unnecessary cost of trying to recover from a breech in security.

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