Computer Backup Solutions – All Systems Go?

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The subject of computer backup solutions have always been a topic of importance when it comes to preserving the data on your systems. From a mistake in data entry to a natural disaster, having a backup of your data is critical to business continuity.   To avoid the issue altogether can have a disastrous ending!  With Healthy IT’s computer backup solutions, it does not have to be complicated nor time consuming, so there is no good reason not to tackle backing up your systems.

The Philosophy

We all know that backing up can preserve the information that is stored on your computer, but how far do you take your backup philosophy? It depends on what you can ‘afford’ to lose.  As Healthcare practitioners, you depend on your data and computers.  Losing data means more than just loss of business when ePHI is concerned.   A more comprehensive backup plan is recommended for HIPAA compliance, as well as to recover from disasters in a timely fashion.


Healthy IT Computer Backup Solutions

The most comprehensive solutions include an onsite and offsite backup :

Automated copying onto external devices – We provide an automated onsite backup solution by backing up your data onto an external, network attached hard drive.  Onsite backups provide redundancy and a higher speed to restore, in case of corruption or data loss in general situations.

Managed, HIPAA Compliant Online Backup –  Enables backup and restoration of your data over an encrypted high-speed Internet connection. The Healthy IT Backup application backs up and transfers your files to a military grade storage center.  Healthy IT monitors your backup so you always know if your backup is complete and will work if you need it.

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