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How many times have you purchased new software or hardware, and avoided the help menu or user manual? Experts reason that about 90 percent of all features included with software go unused! Much of this comes down to human nature and taking the path of least resistance- people use what they know and need most, and avoid anything that would require study or practice to implement. With a complimentary Periodic Business Review you could better benefit from the money spent on technology for your practice.

One of the most amazing aspects of technology is how quickly it is updated and improved. Just when you think you have the best of the best, new technologies and processes are created to improve productivity. Even in the sometimes mundane office environments, new ideas will enhance efficiency and productivity.

At Healthy IT we’d like you to challenge us – let the new ideas flow!  Continuous improvement is the key for making the most out of your technology.

What is a complimentary Periodic Business Review?  We’ll visit with you in your office to discuss your pain points, your needs, and your vision for your practice.  Short and long term goals will be discussed, and together we can plan the what the future looks like for you your practice.  Let us worry about technology so you can focus on your business… and more importantly your patients!

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