Caries Detection as a diagnostic tool in dentistry

Caries Detection – CariVu


The latest in diagnostic imaging technology are caries detection devices using LED’s or transillumination.  Some companies have now developed caries detection cameras and integrated them into imaging software solutions, rather than being a stand alone device. For example, the Dexis CariVu is the newest caries detection camera: it displays in a familiar way (lesions appear dark) and allows you to capture the image directly into the Dexis software.

Transillumination as an alternative:

Do you have patients who are concerned about exposure to radiation?  Or maybe patients with medical conditions that prevent them from getting traditional x-rays.  This device allows you to diagnose these patients accurately with no radiation.

Transillumination for preventative care:

Since you can see lesions in the beginning stages, it allows hygiene to develop effective treatment plans that will address the patient needs.  Since it’s easily integrated, and displays in a familiar way, a routine exam can quickly reveal problem areas and allow you to treat before they become major issue.  There is no need to clean the tooth beforehand, and areas that are questionable during routine radiographs can be further examined using this device.

Enter to win, and learn more:

You can enter to win a free CariVu or learn more by visiting the Dexis website.

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