Hosted Email Services

Hosted Email Services gives you business grade solutions for a low cost!

The business world is changing, and our solution eliminates the need to make large capital investments to protect and maintain secure communications between your staff and your clients. You get to utilize the same technology that large enterprise businesses use to communicate – without the enterprise cost.

Your information anywhere, on every device.

You get your email, calendar, and contacts synced between all your devices, all the time. No more transferring contacts to SIM cards, forwarding emails to yourself, or long load times. Since it’s cloud based, your information is not stored locally, it’s easy to get all your information back should your device fail.

Our hosted email services:

  • Eliminate virus, spam and phishing threats before they reach your network
  • Provide e-mail that is always available with an uptime guarantee
  • Enable rapid recovery from unplanned disasters and network outages
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements for e-mail retention and reporting
  • Improve communications, task management and collaboration between staff and clients
  • Deploy quickly without large investments

How secure are cloud based email solutions?

Our hosted email services are dependable, with a financially backed 99.9 % uptime guarantee. The data centers have continuous backup and disaster recovery capabilities. Experts will monitor your “server” 24×7, applying the latest patches to secure against threats. Spam, viruses and malware are identified before they get to your inbox.

Allow us to help protect your business, improve productivity, and save on costs with our hosted email services.

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