Scott Sanford


  • 631-224-9450 x 111

Scott is the founder and president of Healthy IT Inc. Scott has worked in the technology and network consultation field since 1996. In addition to running the business, he’s got a list of professional certifications and skills that are too vast for this small text box. When he’s not working hard keeping your computers systems up and running, you’ll find him spending time with family, cars and guitars.


Brandon Theisen

Installation Specialist / Technical Support

  • 631-224-9450 x117

Brandon has been with Healthy IT Inc since 2010. He’s the resident hardware and installation expert. His extensive background in healthcare makes him an important part of the team, understanding the unique needs of medical providers. When he’s not doing healthcare integrations, he’ll be spending time outdoors, taking photographs and tinkering with cars. He’s pretty handy around the house, too!


Joey Pasion

Inside Support Specialist / Technical Support

  • 631-224-9450 x119

Joey recently started with Healthy IT Inc. He has in-depth medical knowledge as well as computer skills to help guide our clients through and resolve support issues. An infectious laugh and fun personality are hallmarks of Joey. When not doing battle with the myriad technical issues which crop up during the work week, he can be found behind the camera where he excels in capturing life as static images.


Dave Stanford

Special Projects Administrator

  • 631-224-9450 x403

Dave has been a long time contractor with Healthy IT Inc. He handles all the outside vendors and partnerships, allowing the techies to focus on, well, the tech! Despite the last name, there is no relation…just a funny coincidence! In his spare time he is an active volunteer with animal shelters and enjoys cruise vacations.


Devon Knull

Project Specialist

  • 631-224-9450 x404

Devon is new contractor with Healthy IT Inc. He deals especially with lead generation and sourcing new vendors.  He practices Parkour and volunteers with Mathnasuim.  He also enjoys restoring antique home appliances.