Healthy IT Microsoft CloudPartner

Microsoft Cloud Partner

Microsoft’s cloud services are designed to meet local compliance regulations, improve patient care, and streamline communications. 

Healthy IT Dell Tech Direct

Dell Tech Direct

Our Partnership with Dell allows us to streamline your warranty support requests. 


Routing and Network Security Devices


 WatchGuard Partner

WatchGuard Internet Security Devices

WatchGuard Cost Effective, efficient security devices for local and wide area networking and inter-office connectivity.  


 WatchGuard Partner

CheckPoint Internet Security Devices

CheckPoint Security devices provide a high level of protection from the dangers of the internet and provide high quality inter-networking solutions.  


Phone Systems and Security Cameras

 3CX Partner

3CX Phone Systems

3CX VoIP PBX is an easy to use, plug and play SIP – IP PBX for Windows.  

 Cytracom Partner

Cytracom Phone Systems

Cytracom VoIP PBX is a hosted solution that is easy to use, plug and play, and subscription based. Calling and hardware are included, including periodic hardware upgrades at no charge.  


Healthy IT - DemandForce
Demandforce is an automated marketing and communications software that automatically syncs with your practice management system.