Healthy IT has consistently diagnosed problems in a timely fashion and implemented solutions without causing inconvenience to my staff or myself.  In case of an emergency, they have always responded promptly and never left us hanging.  It  provides us with a secure feeling, knowing that help is only a phone call or email away.

Dr. Steven M. Katz, DMD, MAGD
From the first experience we have had with Healthy IT, I knew I made a great professional choice. The service is superb! Often times they are able to troubleshoot over the phone and rectify the issue at hand. If not, they are prompt in arriving, understanding that operating a thriving dental practice requires our computers to operate efficiently.  I would not hesitate placing a call no matter how small or complex the computer issue is  They have also even helped me personally if we had an issue. They are all amazing!

Dr. Jeffery Fox, DDS
We have worked with Healthy IT for over six years. They have always been helpful and solve our issues quickly, without interruption to our patients or workflow. They have correctly identified areas we can improve our IT usage, by understanding the needs and flow of the office.

Dr. Tulika Narain, M.D., F.A.A.P
With our prior IT provider, our systems seemed to be in a perpetual state of crisis. When Healthy IT began to manage our systems, what was previously a Mount Everest sized problem became a mole hill which was quickly remedied. The transition seemed effortless and our system has never run better.

Jennifer Sammis, Office Manager - Total Dental Care of Middle Island
I believe that knowledge of computers and programs is only a small factor in the choice of an IT Provider. Response time, caring about your clients’ needs, and the ability to fit emergencies into the schedule are just as important.   Besides responding to calls and e-mails very quickly, they  are also able to remotely connect to your office computers and fix them off-site, which they have done several times for me. When my I thought I lost some very important files and pictures, they hooked up remotely and found everything that I thought was gone forever.

Dr. David Z. Diamond, DMD
We have been working with Healthy IT since 1997 and they have never let us down! At Sachem Dental we have five locations and they are able to keep all of our systems running efficiently and assist all of our offices anytime they have a problem.  Best of all they respond within minutes and often can fix our problems remotely.  

Sachem Dental Group
I retained Healthy IT's services to install various dental and digital radiographic programs into my two separate offices. He created a smooth connection for both offices that allows me to access information immediately and to communicate instantaneously. Their expertise has made a significant improvement in my ability to successfully conduct my business.

Dr. Jeffrey Brook, DMD
I've worked with Healthy IT for over ten years and all my experiences have been pleasures. They are very reliable and dedicated to solving all problems. They worked exhaustively to have all aspects of my Digital Practice running like a well-oiled machine. I would highly recommend Healthy IT to anyone!

Dr. Philip M. Tornatore, DDS
Healthy IT provided a seamless transition from single user technology to multi-station and integrated digital radiography into my practice. They routinely monitor the operations off site and always seem to be available to handle any concerns that arise. I'm glad computers systems are one less thing I need to think about.

Dr. Paul A. Bender, DDS, FAGD
After Superstorm Sandy, Healthy IT turned something that was a total nightmare into an easier experience. The re-build went as smooth as could be. They were great to work with and were always there in a second if needed.”

Dr. Warren Zweifler, DDS
"The Healthy IT team is extremely well versed in the requirements of dental office information technology. I was able to make informed decision on the hardware and software which were appropriate for my office.  Phone calls were returned promptly and all promises and expectations were met.

Dr Perry S. Perzov, DDS
Once we decided to begin our journey down the "paperless path", Healthy IT guided us step-by-step down that path.  Not only by holding our hands (and keyboards), but by informing us of our options and taking the time to educate myself and my staff. The help and support the Healthy IT team provides, 24/7, is what every dental office not only needs but requires.

F.P. Ianno DDS