About Healthy IT Inc

We can help you implement new technology in a way that feels like it has always been there…like it belongs.

Our approach is simple: The proactive maintenance and monitoring of computer systems allows for a more reliable, more enjoyable computing experience. We employ some of the most advanced technology to monitor, address and in some cases, automatically remediate the situation, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Our philosophy is in alignment with the healthcare providers we support:

Proactive Managed Care of your technology to help minimize or prevent downtime, which is so crushing when patient information is at stake.

We provide both remote and onsite support services for Long Island and the Tri-State area. Our office is centrally located in Bohemia, NY.

We started as an offshoot of S.T. Sanford Computer Consulting, Inc. The next logical step after an engagement is to transition to a support and services provider who continually updates and maintains the systems and solutions designed.  Healthy IT was founded by S.T. Sanford on the principle of providing superior support services to healthcare and other industries where access to critical data needs to be maintained for optimum uptime.