A Delay for Mandatory e-Prescriptions in New York State?

Will we see a delay for Mandatory e-Prescriptions in New York State?

The deadline for mandatory e-prescriptions could see a 1 year delay in New York State.  According to the New York State Department of Health:  By March 27, 2015, all prescriptions (including prescriptions for non-controlled substances) issued in New York State must be electronically transmitted.

A Delay for mandatory e-Prescriptions has NOT been signed into LAW

Right now, there is legislation for a delay in mandatory e-prescriptions. Governor Andrew Cuomo would need to sign the bill into law for the delay to actually take effect.  It is reported to have reached his desk on March 2nd, 2015, but there is no word that he has signed it.

What if you have not started yet?

Time is running out to meet the mandate.  A delay for mandatory e-prescribing would only be for one year, if it gets signed into law.  There are some situations where you could be exempt from e-prescribing, as outlined in the “frequently asked questions” for the Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances.  According to this, you may also apply for a waiver from the commissioner of health, though the official documents do not provide clear instructions on how to do so.

Who do I call?

Sometimes e-prescribing software is built into your practice management program.  If not, you may implement the service through a third party clearinghouse.  Check out our recent publication for more details.

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