2014 – The year of the data breach

Medical and Healthcare top the list of data breach stats:

With all the high profile data breach events that occurred in 2014, are you surprised that medical/healthcare topped the list with 42% of all breaches?  Over 8.2 million records were exposed.  The circumstances of the data breach events include:

  • Employee misconduct
  • Theft of computer systems
  • Malware on computer systems
  • Unauthorized computer access
  • Loss of unencrypted backup drives
  • Third party contractors

Identify and reduce your risk:

Don’t let a data breach happen to you.  Implement policies, procedures and technical safeguards to ensure you are protecting patient information.  There may be risk factors you are not even aware of.   Healthy IT can help you identify these areas and come up with a plan to address them.  You can request our HIPAA Risk assessment survey to learn more.  We’ll work with you to implement practical solutions to fit your needs and maintain compliance.

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